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punkrocker0304's Journal

4 March
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Well as you now know my name is Anthony. I am a pretty simple guy. I am easy to get along with and easy to talk to. I just have problems talking back. Me on the shy side but i pretty much have gotten over that. I am happily taken by my Love Lily. I guess i can call my self a freak. Punk wear, goth wear, etc are my styles. If you were to see me write this moment id probably be in black ( perfect for summer huh?). I can be outgoing so i am rarely home. I love going to Manhattan and To Staten Island and Jersey. My favorite stores include Freaks, Hot Topic, Trash and Vinyl, etc. I love Punk, Rock, Metal, Death Metal, Goth, Techno, Electronica, and 80's music. To many bands to name here. My journal can be fun to read. It deals with my everyday life tho i wont write everyday.... Lets see what else.... im 20 years old. I am in college. Well thats about it. Hope you enjoy my journal.